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Think before you speak!
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Just as your words create your reality, the thoughts behind your words also create your reality. We see these types of examples every single day- you think you look really cute in those shoes, so you rock them hard, then comes the compliments. You have to ask yourself, “is it just my shoes, or was it the way I wore those shoes?”
Let’s consider an issue both women and men struggle with, our physical appearance. Even people that are considered striking in their particular culture, are insecure of their skin, legs, waist, or nose. Yet, what the rest of see is an extremely attractive person. Why? In public they seem as if they believe that they are beautiful. We perceive their belief and we then see their beauty; proving self-belief is guided by our thoughts.
In turn, being beautiful comes down to how you think about yourself. Those thoughts of confidence, positive self-belief combined with your inner beauty will be obvious to those around you. Our insecure thoughts can be difficult to overcome. Although, there are some ways in which you can realize your beauty, think your beauty and be your beauty.
Look at yourself and choose a feature that you think is attractive. Then spend some time telling yourself why you like that feature. This may take a number of positive thought sessions, but soon when you see that feature, you will automatically think “I look pretty cute!”
Second, stop comparing yourself to others. Every culture, sub group and genre has their definition of beauty; all of which are often incomparable. Not only thinking you’re “not as…” or “why can’t I look like…” is unrealistic. You will not and cannot look like them, because you are uniquely and beautifully you. Remove those comparing thoughts and remember you are the best version of you that could ever be.
Now this last tip might seem overly simple, but when you are trying to think beautiful, do just that. Say positive affirmations about your appearance. The intentions of those words, creates an amazing energy about you. Also, reaffirming positives thoughts changes your outlook on your outward appearance.
I encourage you to stop seeing “flaws” and see your uniqueness, don’t compare yourself to what you cannot be and remind yourself how beautiful you are on a daily basis. Most importantly, get out there and show the world your beauty!

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The Power of YOUR WORDS!
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Everything in life is cyclical, and the words we choose to use is no exception. If that sounds crazy, think of it like this- when we were young, we had two different experiences with the power of words. We suffered either negative, unhealthy words, that tore us down; or we were blessed with beautiful words that were uplifted us. No matter which side of the coin you experienced, those words became images, and confirmed a ‘type’ of self-belief. Even as adults, we are still reconfiguring those self-beliefs all the time. Unfortunately, the negative words often become so deep seeded that it takes a lot of work to remove them. Fortunately, it is possible to change those habits.
Removing negative words of the past takes 3 realizations. First, let it go. It is in the past, which no longer exists. Also, consider this… The person who called you names or said “you can’t…” learned those words from someone else, and they were then handed down to you. When you can look back at those moments and realize that the other person suffered so deeply, that they shared that ugliness as if it was normal. you can find a place in With this information it is possible for your heart to really feel for them. With that realization, you can break the cycle with compassion.
On to third step. What are we really saying?!
Everyday we choose the words we use; but it’s more than words, it’s the power and intention behind those words. As Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Intentions creates our realities.” Simply meaning, each word you use, has meaning, and those meanings are sculpting your perception of life. That’s unbelievable amount of power. So what happens when, you say “I’m not good enough” or “I am enough.” (Hint: this is a tricky one) Cleary, when you say, “I’m not good enough” it resonates within you. In fact, you are probably more than likely not to move towards your goal, let alone with your full attention. Although, if you say, “I’m enough, I can do it” you will probably will do it; but will you excel? Probably not. That’s because of the intention behind the label, enough. The word enough, is defined as, how much or as many as required. Essentially, you say “I am enough” you are really saying, I can barely meet the goal. That doesn’t exactly instill confidence. So, let’s remove “good enough” from our vocabulary, because you are more than what’s required, you can succeed beyond enough.
How can you make changes such as these? Here are three quick tips on how to direct the intention of your words.
Think before you speak. This can be a difficult task, because of our quick paced culture. We are always in a hurry and always going. Although, that’s how mistakes are made. So stop, take a breath, and then speak what you really want to be your reality.
If you are having trouble in a particular area, perhaps remembering how beautiful you truly are. Write a mantra, that you can say to yourself a few times a day. This will help create the habit of choosing the right words, as well as creating a more positive future.
Lastly, if you do happen to fall into that cycle of negative words and painful intentions. Recognize it, reflect on what had happened, make adjustments, forgive yourself and move forward. Remember what you say to yourself, is just as valuable as what you say aloud. Be kind and compassionate.
I know this is a lot to absorb. Especially, since many of us need to change those deep seeded habits. However, let me remind you – you can do this. You can create your reality, using right intentions in the words you chose to use, both to others and yourself. You are beyond enough!

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